Economic Development Strategy

The economic development element of the master plan examines the economic development planning context, existing economic conditions in Foxborough both locally and in a regional context, the commercial and industrial areas of town, and future directions. An extensive survey of town residents and a separate business survey were undertaken, and the community was engaged in an Open House, two workshops and a final presentation meeting.

A copy of the final Economic Development Master Plan can be downloaded on the Documents & Links page.

Ongoing Change
Planning occurs in a dynamic environment where change and sought-after improvements may happen during the course of developing and writing the plan and strategy. The plan’s analysis and public discussion often influence and shape public policy during plan development, as well. Such is the case with the Foxborough Economic Development Master Plan. Notable changes have included moving forward on sewer service, local approval of the Inter-Municipal Agreement for sewer, Invensys becoming Schneider Electric, and Meditech locating in Foxborough. Since change is a constant, specific changes that have occurred during the development of the Master Plan have not always been noted in the final document which was completed in 2013.

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