Master Plan

Economic development issues and the desire for a revitalized Downtown Foxborough have been the impetus for a new master plan for Foxborough, the first in nearly fifty years. Town residents as part of the larger vision are seeking a future Foxborough with a dynamic local economy that complements and supports Foxborough’s desire to be a small town, family-oriented community.

The Foxborough Planning Board is the lead entity in the master planning process. The Board engaged the McCabe Enterprises Team as consultants to help the community outline a vision for the town and has been working with them to complete components of the plan. To date, the Foxborough Master Planning process has encompassed a broad discussion of community aspirations and concerns as a means for mapping out goals for future growth.

The Economic Development Master Plan and the Downtown Strategy were developed through community input including a 48-hour Open House, resident and business surveys, a Downtown Workshop, and a Town-wide Planning Workshop. Based on this process, the Planning Board subsequently worked with the consultant team to complete elements of the plan including: transportation, land use, community facilities, natural resources, open space, and agricultural components of the plan.

The McCabe Enterprises Team and the Planning Board are now working to finalize the plan by engaging the community in two final planning meetings: the “Route 1 Workshop” and the “Guiding Foxborough’s Future: Goals & Priorities” presentation. More information on these meetings can be found on the announcements page.

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