Your Ideas for Future Land Uses

The Weekly Poll posited several different future uses of “undeveloped” land in Foxborough and sought readers’ guidance as to the allocation of desired future land use for “undeveloped land” as well as land that be may be prime for redevelopment. A wide range of responses was received for each potential use.  One scenario for future land use is non-residential development, such as commercial, for jobs and tax revenue. Responses ranges from 0% to 75% of undeveloped land. The mean average response was 21.7% of undeveloped available land should be used for non-residential uses.
Another scenario suggested residential development for more and different types of housing. For additional future residential development responses ranged from 0% to 70%, with mean average response of 13.1% of “undeveloped” available land being allocated to new residential uses.


Water supply protection was another proposed future land use. Weekly Poll respondents indicated anywhere from a low of zero percent to a high of fifty percent, with the mean average desiring 20.7% of future land use being allocated to water supply protection.  Setting aside land for conservation, recreation, pollution control and habitat protection is another future land use that drew the largest range of responses from zero percent to 100% of all future undeveloped and redevelopment lands. The mean average allocation for conservation and recreation uses was 30.3% by Weekly Poll respondents.
Public facilities and Schools both drew a small range of responses. Suggested allocation of undeveloped land for public facilities ranged from zero to 25%, with a mean average of 7.3% of future land use. The allocation of future land uses for schools ranged from zero to fifty percent, with a mean average of 6.6% of undeveloped lands for schools.
Weekly Poll solicited comments and suggestions for future uses of undeveloped land, as well. Bike paths, walkways, hiking paths, trails were the most frequently mentioned additional other land use. Connection to the Mansfield walk/bike path was suggested, as well as sidewalks enabling East Foxborough residents to walk to the Mansfield train station. Another idea was for walking and hiking paths to be established around water bodies, as well as the woods. One reader commented that the Conservation Commission “should develop the land it has for public use.”
An agricultural buffer from I-95 to the State Forest was identified as another land use. Improvement of rail lines and rail spurs were also proposed.  One respondent suggested limiting growth to Route 1, noting increasing traffic problems. Another commented that commercial should be limited to currently zoned areas and that residential areas need more protection.
One person suggested leaving the land as is, while another suggested a solar farm and a third suggested an arboretum. A dog park was mentioned as a need, noting that there are numerous dogs being walked on public fields.




The chart depicts the adjusted composite average response so that the sum equals 100%. 

This Weekly Poll was designed to spark the discussion about future land uses and priorities for Foxborough’s future, which will continue at the upcoming Thursday, March 26th public forum sponsored by the Foxborough Planning Board. The Goals & Priorities Forum will be held at 7 pm at the Media Room of the Foxborough High School, 120 South Street. All are welcome.

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