Your Views on Open Space, Hiking and Walking

Last week, the Weekly Poll posed four scenarios regarding open space and mobility to gauge interest in alternative approaches to incorporating movement and the outdoors in the life of Foxborough residents. There was a lot unanimity in the responses. The most favored initiative is for the Town to encourage the use and development of walking and hiking trails on conservation and public lands, including the State and Town forests. This garnered 94.1% overall agreement, including almost two-thirds (62.4%) of respondents strongly agreeing.

The second most favored scenario is the Green Buffer. The Green Buffer scenario called for the establishment of a green buffer of open space and trail areas protecting residential areas of Foxborough from development along the Route 1 corridor. Nearly nine out of ten respondents (89.2%) favored the Green Buffer, with over half (53.9%) strongly agreeing that a Green Buffer should be established.

The development of a sidewalk program for building and maintaining sidewalks within a half mile of schools and parks was supported by 87.3% of respondents with 55.9% of respondents strongly agreeing.

Both the multi-use trail and the establishment of wildlife corridors on conservation land was supported by 84.3% of respondents. However, 54.9% of respondents strongly agreed that a multi-use trail parallel to the existing railroad track connecting Payson Road recreational facilities and the growth nodes – Chestnut Green, Downtown, Route 1, and south Route 140 and the Foxborough Boulevard area. 43.1% strongly agreed that wildlife corridors should be established on conservation lands.

The comparative strong support for each of these open space and mobility scenarios is shown in the chart below.


The Weekly Poll is sponsored by the Foxboro Reporter and the Foxborough Planning Board. The results of the Weekly Poll are being used to inform the completion of the Master Plan.

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