Young People in Foxborough

foxborough_6x4_postcard_FRONTThis week, the Weekly Poll wants to hear what you think about the needs of Foxborough’s younger residents.  Young people (persons under 18 years of age) in Foxborough number 3,961 persons. Young people constitute nearly one-quarter (23.3%) of the Town’s residents. Many families choose Foxborough as a place to live citing the Town as family-friendly. The Weekly Poll is inquiring this week about the needs of Foxborough’s younger residents.

Please encourage your friends, neighbors, colleagues and younger people you know to chime in about the needs of Foxborough’s younger residents.   Click here to take the Weekly Poll.

Don’t Forget:  The Route 1 Workshop is Thursday evening, January 29th, 7 pm at the Boyden Library, 10 Bird Street.  Come, join the discussion and be a part of the Master Planning process.

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